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Mission Statement of the Falmouth Rod & Gun Club, Inc.

1.  To maintain a Club with an ample game preserve and adequate facilities where hunters and fishermen can enjoy congenial company and the fellowship that comes from mutual interests.

2.  To promote the interest of all legitimate sport of rod, gun, and bow.

3.  To encourage the propagation and protection of fish and game through cooperation with government and non-government organizations.

4.  To assist in training youths and adults in the use of firearms, fishing tackle, and archery, and in the principles of sportsmanship and conservation.

5.  To promote respect for the rights of farmers and property owners.

6.  To organize and promote fishing, shooting, archery, and conservation activities and contests within the Club and with other clubs.

7.  To assist, by appropriate means, in the improvement, conservation, preservation, and access to Cape Cod seashore, lake, pond, stream, and forest systems.

8.  To promote, support, and protect the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and the interests and rights of legitimate gun owners.


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