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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a friend who wants to join FRGC. How?

This is a frequently asked question. To become a prospective member you must be sponsored by an existing member. Each prospective waits a few years for their 'name' to rise. There are required details and an initiation fee (non refundable). Each member may sponsor one person each year.

When a prospective becomes a full member, they clean the clubhouse during their first month. Then they may seek out committees or activities that he/she plans to volunteer for and participate in.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Many of our activities are private. We invite individuals to attend our monthly dinners, those who inquire through the website are invited to attend one or several of these dinners. Our annual Yard Sale, Clam Boil, and several other activities or events are open-to-the-public. Sometimes shooting may be done Wednesday mornings, depending on availability of a club member to attend, sanctioning the activities. The Jimmy Keene Outdoor Range and the Indoor Range are for the use of members and their guests only. Thank you for your understanding of our Club Bylaws.

How often does Falmouth Rod & Gun Club, Inc. meet?

Meetings are held on Thursdays. 'First' is for Business (all members welcome), Third is for dinners & the last Thursday is for Board of Directors meetings. Any member may attend Board meetings but needs permission to speak in advance.

How do I join a meeting for the first time?

   When you become a member you may attend then.

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